Tuesday, October 19, 2010

To import video from a flash device:

1. Set the device to PC mode.
2. Connect it to your computer using a USB cable. The [Import] window opens.
3. Make sure the switch on the left side of the window is set to [Manual].
4. Select the clips you want to keep by marking the checkboxes next to their respective thumbnail images.
5. Click the [Import Checked] button. The Save To dialogue box appears.
6. Choose a disk where you want to store the imported video using the [Save To] pop-up menu.
7. Choose how you want to organize the imported video in your Event Library by selecting one of the following radio button options:

a. Select the [Add to Existing Event] radio button to add the imported video to an already created Event. You can select the event from the pop-up menu.
b. Select the [Create New Event] radio button to create a new event from the imported video. Type a name for the Event in the text box.
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This is a practice

This is a practice post to see what it looks like.
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