Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Mike Leary -- Matthew Alvarez

                                           Mike Leary speaks to students after his panel.

Mike Leary Discussed The Changing World of Journalism
By Matthew Alvarez
Texas State University’s Mass Comm Week continued with its second day of filled events with Mike Leary, Editor of the San Antonio Express News, speaking to students about his historic past and the future of journalism.
Laura V. Garcia was the student journalist chosen to speak directly to Leary. Discussing certain career moves of Leary’s over the past three decades from a young 23-year-old reporter the Philadelphia Inquirer to the Editor he is today, Leary spoke about the future audience of the San Antonio Express News.
“Our audience is changing,” Leary said. “People coming from Mexico are now our potential readers and many of them speak very good English.”
Leary also discussed the publication from a paper newspaper to print, to which Leary expressed how he enjoys his newspaper through his iPad, but that getting online subscriptions is what newspapers are concentrating on.
With the future of journalism becoming a field that’s constantly evolving Leary left students with why he believes this is an awarding career.        
“I think you want to see the world a better place. You see something that any reasonable person would think is not right,” Leary said. “So reporting on it and showing what is going on results in positive change—that is rewarding.”
Mass Comm week will continue with panels and discussions until Nov. 1. 

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